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What have you taught your horse that you are really pleased about? (it doesn't have to be a trick)
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If you could wave a magic wand, what would you like to train your horse to do in the next 6 months? (it doesn't have to be a trick)
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What is your biggest challenge or frustration when it comes to training your horse?
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Printable step-by-step trick guides with photos
Videos showing Bella learning a trick from the very beginning
Useful tricks eg how to easily de-worm or stand still for farrier
Ideas to have fun with your horse
Ways to build the bond and connection with your horse
Understanding horse behavior
Liberty training eg no restraints / horse free
Ways to create a calm and confident horse
Is there anything you would like to see added or changed in the Horse Tricks Academy that would make it more fun or interesting for you?
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This survey is anonymous so if you would like me to get back to you about a specific question, then please leave your email address here. Thanks :) Jain.
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