Thunder Ridge Outlaw Club Wrestling
Let us know you are interested! This form will help us get a jump start on the sign up process. You can add, edit or clarify additional information at sign up night. For now, we would love it if you could just help us get started with some basic information. No worries if you sign up and change your mind.
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Wrestler's phone - with permission
Please only put the student phone number here, IF he has one; there is a place for parent number below. At these grade levels, we always contact parents first and this number will only be used as a secondary resource for urgent situations if we can't reach a parent.
Wrestler's email - with permission
If the wrestler has an email and would like to receive communications along with the parent, please enter it here. Parent email should be entered below and not in this section. We will never send information to your student without also, at the same time, sending the information to you.
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Parent LAST NAME, first name
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Please list a second cell phone number for additional contact in an emergency
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Please list second parent email here if both parents would like to receive communication and updates
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