Solarize (FNSB Community) 2020 - Household & Business Registration Form
Do you live within XXX area (are you a member of) and want to have access to cheaper solar power for you and your neighbors? If so please read on and sign your name so we can apply for access to cheaper solar power. We need 15+ interested homeowners and businesses in the neighborhood to successfully join this program.

Note: This does not sign you up for solar installation or cost anything. You are only registering your interest. There is no commitment until the building owner decides to accept the bid proposed by the selected solar contractor near the end of the process. If our neighborhood is accepted into the program, we will contact you with the next steps and you can opt-out anytime.

Solarize Fairbanks is a community-based approach to reduce the upfront cost of residential solar installations. The Solarize campaign brings homeowners and businesses together to purchase solar installations in bulk and receive a volume discount, thereby making solar energy more accessible and affordable. The advantage is to buy in bulk for discount plus take advantage of the 26% federal tax incentives in 2020 before they are reduced in 2021. You will be able to get a free solar assessment before any commitment.

Solarize Fairbanks is a volunteer effort with support from Cold Climate Housing Research Center, Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition, Information Insights, Native Movement, The Alaska Center, and the Northern Alaska Environmental Center. The 2020 Solarize+ campaign is the first program in Fairbanks. Anchorage just completed the second year of their solarize campaign, with over 200 homeowners now producing solar power with Solarize Anchorage!

The 2020 Solarize+ campaign encourages all interested homes and businesses to explore energy efficiency upgrades at the same time as adding solar. Resources are available online, and we will discuss how to do this at our community informational session (data to be determined).

Find more information including timeline go to our website ( and check out our Facebook page (
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I am a resident (member) of 23 Mile Road Service District/Eielson Farm Road and am interested in the 2020 Solarize+ campaign. I am signing this petition so our neighborhood can participate in 2020. Note: this does not sign you up for solar installation or a bid, it is only a note of interest. There is no commitment until you decide to accept the bid proposed by the selected contractor near the end of the process. *
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