Beer Pong
Are you the person that gravitates towards the beer pong as soon as you enter a party? Do your friends look to you for support when everything goes downhill and they're losing their game? If the answer is YES (or no but you're up for a challenge, supporting others, or merely an excuse to play THE BEST GAME in the park) then sign up to our BEER PONG TOURNAMENT šŸ»

There will be a PRIZE šŸ† for the winning team, so get practicing. Sea Battle tickets are up for grabs! šŸš¢āœØ

šŸŽ« 50 SEK members
šŸŽ« 70 SEK non-members

*This is a BYOB event, but people are welcome to play with either alcohol or juice/water/choice of soft drink šŸ„¤
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