Talent Show Audition
<Talent Show Audition>
Korean ver.
안녕하세요 KSA 이벤트팀입니다!
한인이 UIUC에 정착한지 백주년 되는 해를 맞이하여 KSA K-Week을 기획하였습니다.
그중 K-Week의 피날레 Talent Show가 4월 15일 폴린저에서 열립니다.
Talent Show에서는 한국 문화와 관련있다면 어떤 공연 방식도 환영합니다🤗
물론, 푸짐한 상품 또한 준비되어 있습니다. 참고로 2017년 K-Week 1등 상품은 한국-시카고 비행기 티켓이였습니다😮
이번 Talent Show 상품은 추후 공지해 드릴 예정이니 많은 관심 가져주세요~
여러분의 장기와 끼를 마음껏 펼치고 푸짐한 상품 또한 받아갈수 있는 기회인 Talent Show 많은 참여 부탁드려요!

Talent Show 장소: Foellinger Auditorium
Audition 장소: TBD

한국 문화 관련된 장기라면 누구나

-선발 기준
장기자랑 오디션후 결정

접수마감: 04/07/22(목)
오디션: 동영상 송부 to iksa.event@gmail.com and iksa.president@gmail.com
Talent Show 당일: 04/15/22(금)

-접수처: https://forms.gle/F5JYYFSvPr7MavVC8 

English ver.

Hello guys! This is Event Coordinating team from Korean Student Association at the U of I. We would like to inform you about an opportunity to participate in a very special event called 'Talent Show' on April 15th at the Foellinger Auditorium!

Since this is our centennial year that Korean community firstly came to UIUC and began their studies, we planned a huge show that everyone can participate as either performers or participants during the K-Week.

On the event day, you can perform any song or play as long as it's related to Korean culture. For sure, there will be special prize for winners! For your information, at the last Talent show in 2017, the 1st prize was flight tickets!! So stay tuned for the future updates!

We are super excited to invite you on the event as performers! See you on the audition day! XD

Application Link:

Application due date: 4/7(Thu) 11:59PM
Audition date: Send the performance video to iksa.event@gmail.com and iksa.president@gmail.com
(We will let you know the audition location and specific time when it's confirmed via personnel email/phone number!)

If you have any questions, you can contact to both emails below:

KSA Event Coordinating Team Director: iksa.event@gmail.com
KSA President:

Thank you!

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