Typetrigger Survey
As we prepare to revive Typetrigger, we would love to hear from those of you who have participated in this community over the years. Whether you primarily write or read, whether you have visited for years or are a relative newcomer, your feedback is welcome. Feel free to skip questions. We want to rebuild the tool and the community that is Typetrigger, but our sense of what is best (and worst) about the site may be different than yours.

We are, of course, aware that the biggest issue with the site in recent years is simply that it has been down (no triggers scheduled) for months at a time. There have been a number of technical issues along the way as well, most of which are currently resolved. While you are welcome to let us know about how these issues have affected you, most of these questions relate to the site when it IS up and working!

Thank you for your participation in this survey and in the community.

How did you hear about Typetrigger?
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How long have you been participating on Typetrigger?
These are rough categories that attempt to capture the stages of activity level that TT has had over the years. The past three years have been the most quiet with the least activity and the longest periods of inactivity/no triggers. The middle selection (3-6) years were fairly quiet but still with small group of fairly active users. The early years (6-9 years ago) were the most active.
Writer or Reader?
What do you like best about Typetrigger?
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Has Typetrigger has been particularly helpful or meaningful to you in some way? If so, tell us how!
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What makes a good trigger?
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Tell us about your connections with other writers or readers on Typetrigger.
Interpret this question however you like! How did you find connections? Have your connections included conversation via DM or on another platform? Do you have a technique for finding people to read?
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Have you ever had a negative experience with Typetrigger? If so, please share.
This could be a social situation or a technical issue--or both.
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What features do you wish Typetrigger had?
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How do you feel about anonymity on Typetrigger?
Typetrigger was designed to let writers to connect through their writing and reading practices without having to drum up an audience through networks of friends and family. Writing can be personal and putting your words out in public can make us feel vulnerable. We would like to know whether the approach we have taken makes sense for you. Have you wished for tools that make it easier to link to your real identity or to publicize your work on other platforms? Any thoughts related to anonymity on Typetrigger are welcome.
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What device do you use you use to access Typetrigger?
Would you use a mobile app version of Typetrigger?
A mobile app would not replace the web version.
What else do you want to share with us about Typetrigger?
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What other writing tools do you use?
This can include other websites or apps, offline resources, writing groups, journals, favorite books, etc.
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What other questions should we be asking our community members?
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Would you be interested in talking more with us?
We will probably want to have some community members give feedback as we work on a re-design. If you want to participate or would like to continue to be part of the conversation about the future of Typetrigger, let us know. Conversations may take place via email, phone call, shared documents or video chats. You are not obligated to continue participating if you share your email with us now.
If you do want to talk more, share your email address with us!
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