ARCH Remote Visitor Training Application
Join the ARCH network!

Friends from throughout New York Yearly Meeting offer practical and spiritual/pastoral care to older people and differently-abled adults. Join in this vibrant ministry!

Training sessions will be held via Zoom video conferencing over the course of 7 weekly sessions 1.5 hours each, at a time to be determined by mutual agreement. Topics will include
-developmental issues in later life
-worshipful listening
-housing considerations
-loss & grief
-working with caregivers
-copious resources
-boundaries & self care
--and much more

Additional reading, projects, and exercises may take additional time between sessions.

This is an opportunity to renew, reflect on, and deepen your ministry of care, and to become a part of a vibrant and supportive network of Friends who share your ministry.

All costs of the training are paid for by the ARCH Program of NYYM, though your donations are gratefully accepted. Checks can be sent to New York Yearly Meeting, 15 Rutherford Place NY, NY 10003 or donations can be made online at (click the ARCH Logo).
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