SEEKING (independent contractors): Sign up to be considered for staff positions - within our game.

- We are not always seeking help.
- When we are, we will list the specific types of functions we need help with.
- Your submission will be considered and kept on file.
- There is no guarantee of assignment.

- First & Foremost, Game Masters who help moderate the gameplay
(replying to players in game, creating fictional story elements, combat).
- Secondary, help creating content and expanding our world.
(within the city, under the city, outside the city, locations, maps, details.

- Staff will be on-boarded as volunteers first, until we "GO LIVE"
- In exchange for this volunteer role, staff can get certain perks
(Unlimited PC/Monster accounts & 2x experience boost for PCs).
- Pay scale after the "GO LIVE" date is currently estimated to be minimal
Proposed rates: $1 to $3 per PC you moderate, per month
(max. $600/year and an average of $20/month),
Depending on your level of engagement, work ethic, time/ability.

- What we need most are evidence that you have done this before
(links to videos, screen shots, web pages, or other samples of rpg writing).
- We prefer a minimum of 1 year experience using 5e D&D rules.
(Approx. 50+ game sessions of 3-hours or more in length)
- We prefer a minimum of 1 year experience using asynchronous gaming.
(Game Master using some type of online, non-synchronous methodology.)
EXAMPLES: Play-By-Post, Bulletin Board or Forum type rpg environment.
NOTE: Using webcams, chat, virtual tabletops or synchronous play
with everyone online at the same time is NOT the same!

If on-boarded as a staff member, you will be required to sign the "volunteer's independent contractor" agreement at this link with strict rules regarding non-disclosure, non-complete, and intellectual property rights. Once we "GO LIVE" each staff member will be required to sign a replacement document, outlining the new arrangement.


PRIVACY: The following information will be kept on file, but will not be shared with any outside companies or individuals without appropriate court-orders requiring said release.

Your Full "Real" Name *
Your Mailing Address (include City, State, Zip) *
Current Email Address *
Promotion Code (don't worry if you don't have one. Most people will not).
What are the best ways to contact you (call, text, email, hangouts, skype, zoom, discord, snapchat, etc). Please provide ALL numbers/addresses you wish for us to have available to reach you. *
Have you played in any of our alpha or beta testing? Please list the name(s) of your PC or Monster Accounts *
What editions of D&D have you been the Game Master, and for how long (in years or months)? *
What games other than D&D have you been the Game Master, and for how long (in years & months)? *
If not the Game Master, what rpg games have you PLAYED in, and for how long? *
What ways have you played (Tabletop, Podcast, Skype, Discord, Webcam, IRC Chat, Roll20, Play-by-Email, Post or Forum, etc.)? *
Please provide links to podcasts, YouTube videos, screenshots, chat groups, blogs, forum posts or other examples of your gameplay? *
(Quite possibly the most important questions. Take your time. Be verbose)
If you were to describe the difference between table-top D&D and playing via a forum, bulletin board or other similar play-by-post methods in which you are familiar, what would you say?
Including but not limited to what we are currently looking for, what roles might like to do as a staff member in our game. (Don't give us generic titles, like Game Master. Instead, describe what you would want to do if you could choose any staff-related role). *
Pretend for a moment that you are the Game Master (storyteller) in a medieval/fantasy style game of your own creation. The party has arrived in the center of a new town, for the first time, and there is a spectacle either on display or in-progress. It is your scene and you can tell it any way you want. Describe below the scene in such a way that the players can visualize all of the detail and subtle nuances of your creation. *
Please describe below your general availability? We realize this will never be a full-time thing and you certainly don't make much $ doing it, but we do need to know how much time you think you can commit to this endeavor.
Clearly this is not your typical "application" but if there is anything else you would like to tell us about you, your past, your experiences, your work, celebrity appearance, your hobbies, or even your hat size ... have fun, here:
(Please understand that we review all applications but we can't respond to everyone. Thank you for your time.)

Best regards,


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