2013-2014 Japan Foreign National Residents Nosebleed Survey I v1.0

2013-2014Japan Foreign National Residents Nosebleed Survey I (MAY 2014)

Original Japanese version:


Since around September 20 2013 there have been many people complaining about NOSEBLEEDS. Through conducting a personal Twitter tweets analysis, it was found that over 3,700 PEOPLE were complaining about nosebleeds within a period of TWO WEEKS. However, this is only about how it was on Twitter timeline (see the figure below).

*All tweet data in Japanese
September Session (9/20-9/30) http://togetter.com/li/568710
October Session (10/1-10/3) http://togetter.com/li/572299


During this time of the year,some people are susceptible to dry nose, allergies, and hay fever caused by RAGWEED POLLENS and dry climate. They often blow their nose too much and end up having nosebleeds. However, among the symptoms reported during the two-week period of Sep. 20 - Oct. 3, most reported was the ABRUPTLY FLOWING nosebleeds that flow without ANY PHYSICAL FRICTION applied to the nose itself. In medical terms, this is called EPISTAXIS. According to an otorhinology clinic in Osaka, this medical condition is caused by INFLAMATION, THROMBOCYTOPENIA (or ILLNESS OF HAVING DIMINISHING PLATELETS), HEMOPHILIA, or LIVER DISEASE, if you discount BLUNT TRAUMA (physical attack) or FOREIGN BODY INTERACTION (nosepicking, blowing, etc.).


Of the 3,700 tweets accounted for what most tweeted was this ABRUPTLY FLOWING nosebleeds that continued excessively for MORE THAN 60 MINUTES. Thus, the amount of the nosebleed was excessive as well. For this reason, the most observed conditions was ANEMIA, followed by HEADACHES, LOW FEVER, and symptoms of cold such as coughing and sore throat. (see the chart below)


If you want to know how to stop you nosebleeds effectively as a quick-fix, refer to the following: http://firstaid.webmd.com/tc/stopping-a-nosebleed-topic-overview


Normally, if your nosebleed continue for MORE THAN 30 MIN, then that is a sing that you PLATELETS that control hemostasis might not be functioning properly, in which case you should immediately seek medical attention. So I created this survey to make you better understand where you stand in general with your conditions.

It is my hope that this will help you understand where you stand vis-a-vis others and what type of treatment you may need. If you are nosebleeding in the excess of for example a volume of a tea cup, and it takes time until you can bring it to a complete stop (more than 30 minutes), then you are recommended to see your nearest hematologist.

Bearing this in mind, please answer the following questions.


For parents with children please DO NOT enter your own data but that of your children UNLESS you yourself is affected by the symptoms. Your identity will be kept in strict confidentiality unless you expose yourself through your own comments. Please be aware that the results are automatically posted on a Google Forms spreadsheet and a summary overview that are viewable for anyone with the link shown below.


You can check the results on this page (*for response details, click the "View all responses" link at the top of the page): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1bFM9rQDgOC97dGupwLlO8hNxgIEbwBaR00n63Qilu6g/viewanalytics



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1. https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=546917682028647
2. http://in-the-eyes-of-etranger.blogspot.jp/2013/10/more-support-needed-68-of-those.html

[Introducing Survey II]: Focused on past and present episodes, treatment, diagnosis, and medication (if any).

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