Truckee Wolverines Boosters Club Scholarship Application Form 2021
The Truckee Wolverines Boosters Club is excited to award several individual scholarships, to graduating seniors from Truckee High School. Scholarships are awarded in varying amounts determined by this year's Boosters Scholarship Committee. The applicant must be going to college, junior college, trade, or technical school in the Fall of 2021.

It is not necessary for applicants to have an outstanding academic record or financial need, but it is important to demonstrate a robust commitment to their activities, clubs, and/or athletics at school, express committed volunteerism and/or broader community participation, and support of Boosters through Snack Shack, meeting attendance, events, etc. throughout their tenure at Truckee High.

All applications must be received by Tuesday, April 30, 2021.

Thank you and good luck!
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Please describe your commitment to school activities, clubs, and/or athletics and how you have shown engagement in the Truckee High School community. *
Please describe your commitment to volunteerism and/or broader community participation. *
Please describe your support of Boosters’ events, Snack Shack, monthly Boosters meetings attendance, and/or officer, board member, or committee member positions held by yourself or your family, past or present.
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