International Roommate Application
This application is for domestic Juniata students who are seeking to room with an international student. Students who are willing to both learn and teach, who communicate or work well cross-culturally and who are capable of navigating possible language barriers are strongly encouraged to apply.
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Please answer the following questions:
Why would you like to have an international student as a roommate and why would you be a good roommate for an international student?
Are you interested in living with an international student from a particular culture, country, or language background? Why?
(Although you may voice your preference, we cannot guarantee that your roommate will be from a particular culture or country, or speak the desired language)
Do you currently participate in any multicultural clubs or events on campus? What else are you involved in on campus ?
(include any leadership positions)
Please tell us about any and all international experiences you have had or are planning to have while studying at Juniata?
(This could include study abroad trips, language classes or independent travel)
Is there anything else you would like us to know about you in considering placement with an international roommate?
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