Logo and Branding Questionnaire
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Project Details
Is this a new project or a rebranding?
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Why your existing branding identity doesn't work for you?
Please list all the basic necessary additions to logo and branding that you need (for example, letterheads, business cards, packaging design - how many items, if you need boxes, brochures, images for social networks, etc.).
How soon do you need this done? *
What is your budget for this project? *
What services or products does your business offer?
What problems do you solve for your clients?
Who is your target audience / market? Please describe the values of your customers.
What is the marketing strategy for your business? How do people find out about your products and services?
Who are your competitors and how do they position themselves in the market? How are you different from them? Please provide links and descriptions of your main competitors and describe how they differ from your business.
Brand Details
Specify the exact wording of the brand name as it should be written on the logo.
Specify the exact wording of the brand slogan and where you want to see it (optional)
Is there a story behind the brand name that makes it special?
What is the main message, the mission of your brand? How should your customers feel when they think of your brand?
Using 5 words or short phrases, describe the desired look and feel of your brand.
Where will the logo be used?
What are your personal preferences? List all the logos that you like and all the colors that you would like to see in your new corporate identity, as well as those colors and features that are undesirable. If you have any special requests for the symbols that should be present in the logo, please also indicate them here.
We invite you to create a collection of corporate identity and brand design images on Pinterest. This collection can include color palettes, fonts, business card images, and anything related to your industry and corporate identity design that you like and that inspires you. If you decide to do this, please leave a link to your collection in this field.
Please rate the categories which the desired look of your brand belongs to (For example, in the first row - if you want your branding to look very feminine, choose  1, very masculine - 5, somewhere in between - 2,3,4) *
Feminine - Masculine
Simple - Intricate
Gray - Colorful
Conservative - Extravagant
Affordable - Premium
Necessity - Luxury
Funny - Serious
Professional - Casual
Modern - Classic
Sporty - Elegant
Extreme - Safe
Which of the four types of logos do you think suits your brand better?
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Which of the five logo styles do you think suits your brand better?
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If you have additional comments, please add them here:
How did you find out about us and our services?
Why did you choose to work with us?
Thank you!
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