Registration Lindy / Solo Oct. 2020 – Feb 2021
Wednesdays, starting 7.10.2020

LH Level 1: KHG, Sieboldstraße 3, Erlangen 20–21 h
LH Level 2 ESG: tba, Erlangen 21–22 h
Solo Level 2: ESG Saal, Hindenburgstraße 46, Erlangen 19.45–20.45 h
LH Level 2 KHG: tba, Erlangen 21.15–22.15 h

30 € students/low-income / 40 € wage-earners; Solo-class: 1/2 off if you're also in LH Level 2

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Lindy Hop Level 1 beginners (KHG) 20–21 h
We will start right from the beginning and build up material and difficulty. No prior knowledge required.
Lindy Hop Level 2 beg-int (ESG) 21–22 h
This course is FULL right now. You can register, you'll be on the waiting list and receive a message if a spot opens up or if we are able to find a bigger room.
Lindy Hop Level 2 int (KHG) 21.15–22.15 h
Please read our level information (under "Level..." – "content & description") before you make your choice of level:
Solo Jazz Level 2 (ESG) 19.45–20.45 h
This course is FULL right now. (You can still register, you'll be on the waiting list and receive a message if a spot opens up.)
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Rotation & Dance Bubbles
We want to try teaching classes with rotating partners so you have the best learning experience there can be during these times. Therefore we are grouping you into bubbles of 2 to 4 couples. Within these groups you will be rotating partners.
Dance Bubble responsibility
Please understand that it is a great effort to put together the bubbles and it comes with a responsibility for each of you. To protect your fellow dancers and your fellow human beings we ask you to stay within your bubble for at least 4 weeks, also outside of this class. Meaning, if you dance somewhere else, like social dancing or taking another class, you can only do so with people from your bubble. If you are not happy with your bubble please come talk to us. If everybody is happy we will keep the bubbles until Christmas break.
I know that I have to keep a minimum distance of 1,5m to people outside of my dance group. I know I have to wear a face mask inside the building at all times except during class. If I have any symptoms of Covid-19 or if I have had contact to an infected person within the last 14 days I will not come to class. *
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