2017 McMaster Pro-Ams Registration
The McMaster Debating Society presents the 2017 Centennial Cup Pro-Am Tournament, which will be held from Friday, November 17th to Sunday, November 19th.

This event will feature five rounds of straight BP-style debate breaking to semi-finals (Rounds 1-2 will be on Friday, 3-5 on Saturday, and outrounds on Sunday). The team cap for this tournament will be 40.

The tournament fee will be $140 per team and $55 per judge. Teams are to be comprised of a "Pro" (second year or more in university debating) and an "Am" (novice) debater. All-novice teams will be accepted, however we strongly encourage Pro-Am teams to register. Hybrid teams are also permitted.

We are seeking a chief adjudicator and deputy chief adjudicator(s). Applicants should outline their relevant experience (debating, judging, or otherwise) and why will this experience be an asset to the adjudication team. They should also, in just a few sentences, describe what their philosophy will be when setting motions, making considerations for the unique challenges of pro-am tournaments. Applications, or any questions about the application process, should be emailed to macdebateclub@gmail.com by Sunday, November 5th.

We are instituting an n/2 (rounding up) judging requirement, with potential waivers for schools that find this policy to be a hardship. Experienced judges will count as two towards your school's judging requirement. For example, a club bringing three teams will only have to bring two judges or one experienced judge. The Chief Adjudicator will determine which judges are “experienced”. We are also going to be having a judge's training session after registration to ensure a high quality of judging. Schools that exceed the n/2 judging will have the registration fee of each surplus judge dropped to $30.

Registration information and deposit ($50/team and $20 per judge) are due by Monday November 6th. The initial deposit payments are non-refundable. The rest of a team’s fees must be paid on November 17th, during registration. Schools who are unable to send cheques in time will still be responsible for paying their deposits in the event of cancellation. Please contact us at macdebateclub@gmail.com to confirm the submission of any monies by mail. Ensure that all cheques are payable to The McMaster Debating Society, and mail them to:

MSU McMaster Debating Society c/o MSU Clubs Administrator
MUSC 201, 1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, ON L8S 4L8

Other details (team names, names of individual debaters and judges, accommodation requirements and/or arrangements, dietary restrictions and any special requests) will be collected as they become available.

The tournament staff and society executives can be reached at: macdebateclub@gmail.com. Feel free to email any tournament-related questions to that address and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you at McMaster!

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