Huldufolk Character Survey
This is the pre-game survey for our Huldufolk HLGCon Playtest. This survey has two purposes:
1) To find out player demographics for our playtests
2) To help players flesh out the backstory and motivations for their characters.
If you have time, we recommend reading through the Huldufolk setting, or at least the "Type of Huldufolk" section, The Blessed, and The Banished, so you know what type of character you want to play. We'll provide brief descriptions and links throughout the survey to help you out.
Once you've picked your character type, you'll be asked questions about your character's role in their faction and society. These questions are optional, and if you're currently logged into gmail you can come back later and update your response with more information.
We'll be printing out the character surveys and giving them to players at their games. Your character sheet is independent of your choices here. You can either select a pre-generated character sheet at game, fill out your own there, or create a character ahead of time. Details on these options are on our HLGCon Premise page:
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