Poetry Commission Request Form :D
In which you tell me three things your poem could be about (plus other important infos) so I can write your poem :D

Note that all poems are 7-12 lines because otherwise you might get this monster thing or a tiiiny thing and that's no good xD

What three things would be cool for your poem to be about? *
Note that it may not be about all three of these things, but will incorporate at least one of them. So yay! If you want multiple poems, put each set of prompts on a new line :D
Your answer
What three colours do you super like? *
So I can make the poem pretty :D (I'll use 1-3 of them :D ) If you want multiple poems, put each set of colours on a new line :D
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What's your name? *
If you want your poem(s) to be written for someone else, include both your name and the name of that person so I also know who I'm talking to xD
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What is your email? *
So we can communicate and you can get the stuffs *happy dance* Also so I can send you the invoice. Because that's also important xD
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