GMK Phosphorous Interest Check No. 2
This is a second interest check form for GMK Phosphorous, taking into account your suggestions from the first form.
GMK Phosphorous on Tiffany Teal Think6.5°
Which kits will you buy? *
GMK Phosphorous on Moon Stealth RAMA WORKS U80-A
Would you like me to move ISO Enter, 1.25u Shift and three other keys from Core kit to... *
Would you like me to move the new accented arrow keys from Core kit to the Spacebar kit? *
A RAMA Novelty Keycap is planned and will be presented soon.
Please do not send this in as a suggestion — it will be done, pending natural disasters such as hurricanes, rising sea levels or the collapse of the internet as we know it (though I'll still try!).
Are there any other suggestions you would like to make? Please include the keyboard/layout this is for, if applicable.
Thank you, everyone, for your immense support! ❤️
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