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Everything you need to commission some art from The Pawlrus!
Getting Started
This form is to reserve a commission slot for digital commissions. Please fill out all fields! I will contact you once I receive your response to get more details and provide you with an estimate. Payment is through PayPal only.

Filling out this form does not lock you into a commission. You are welcome to cancel your request any time before payment.
Things to Know / FAQs
- All prices are PER CHARACTER. Maximum 3 characters.

- I will request payment when I am ready to begin work on your commission. You are welcome to postpone your commission if you need to, I will keep it on my list unless you cancel.

- Commissions are done on a first-come, first-serve basis. Rush orders are available for an additional $20 charge.

- I reserve the right to refuse commissions that I am not comfortable drawing.

- For orders under $150, payment in full is required BEFORE I begin your commission. For orders over $150, a payment schedule can be discussed and agreed upon before work begins.

- Commissions do not include backgrounds, they may be added for an additional charge.

- Please note that complex armor/clothing or robotic designs may be subject to additional charges. These take me a lot of extra time.

- Small corrections or changes to commissions are limited to three rounds before incurring additional charges.

- You will not remove my signature and claim it as your own.

- Payment will be done through PayPal and refunds will not take place once the artwork is completed.

- You will NOT trade, reproduce, or sell the artwork for profit.The art is only for personal use.
All prices are per character
All prices are per character
All prices are per character
About You and Your Commission
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Do you need this commission by a specific date? Rush orders (as in putting your commission ahead of others in queue) are subject to a $20 additional charge. *
REFERENCES: If you have visual or written references of your character(s), feel free to link them here! You are also welcome to send me refs via email once I contact you. If the character can be easily googled for reference, skip this question, but if there is a specific image/costume you would like me to work from, let me know!
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Please be sure read the FAQ and Disclaimers listed at the top of this form! *By clicking here, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the FAQs and Disclaimers listed in this form and agree to abide by their terms unless other arrangements are made in writing with the artist. *
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