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Recordbar Radio does not sell, distribute, or profit from the free content it creates.

To be considered for DJ performance, DJ mix or playlist curation, please complete this form. Completion of this form does not guarantee an invitation to perform or curate for Recordbar Radio. Recordbar Radio reserves the right to deny use of its studio, platforms, channels, and resources.

RBR Studios are meant to be safe spaces for performance, creativity and expression. We do not tolerate discrimination, intimidation, or abuse towards anyone, of any kind, for any reason. If you or your guests violate this policy, you will be asked to leave and will not be invited back.

Unless otherwise agreed to, all artwork, audio recordings, video recordings, photographs and other forms of content captured and/or created by Recordbar Radio are the sole property of Recordbar Radio. Unless otherwise agreed to, placement and placement duration of said content is at the sole discretion of Recordbar Radio. If the free content we create for or with you violates any of the terms of our agreements with our digital channels, we reserve the right to remove said content immediately and without notice.

If you would like to request that your performance be removed from any of our digital channel archives, please make such request via email at:

If you would like to request an audio file of your performance for your own personal use, please email: 

We will never sell, share or intentionally compromise your data.
We only ask for your information so that we can communicate with you and learn about your talents & perspectives. If you want your data removed, please let us know via email at:

Please provide a valid and current email address that you actively use. RBR will send important communications to the email address your provide. Be sure to check spam/junk folders for messages you don't see in your inbox.

If you also wish to communicate with us via text message, please text us at (602) 638-0433

By acknowledging and submitting this form, you hereby agree to our complete release of liability terms which can be found by clicking here:
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Our studio is equipped with: (2) Technics 1200 MKII turntables, (2) Pioneer 2000 CDJs, (1) Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus Mixer and (1) Shure SM58 Microphone. Are you able to DJ using what we have? *
Microphone usage by ALL DJs is kind of a requirement and information regarding that will be sent in the Welcome Email if you are invited to perform. You can view the microphone usage script for DJs here: . Thank you in advance for your cooperation. *
RBR is dedicated to promoting Non-Mainstream music. We kindly ask that you DO NOT play popular music or popular music remixes on our station. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. *
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