Camp Discovery 2021 Staff Application
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Will you have weekly transportation to and from camp? Camp is in Gainesboro, TN. Staff arrives on Sunday before noon and leaves camp around 1pm on Friday afternoon. *
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Have you ever been convicted of any crime related in any manner to children or your conduct with children? *
This job is going to be rather tiresome and will require walking and standing for long periods of time. You may have a camper that uses a wheelchair that requires pushing. Are there any physical limitations that will not allow you to perform strenuous work activities? *
Why do you want to work at Camp Discovery? How will camp benefit from employing you specifically? Be sure to include special skills that may enhance your application. This may include sign language, mission work, musical ability, talents in athletics, etc. *
If you have worked at camp before, what will you do differently this year? Be honest.
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