Functional Wellness Assessment
Congratulations on taking a step in the right direction for your long-term health, wellness and happiness!

This Online Assessment is very comprehensive, and it's vital that you answer all the questions so we can tally your Total Score and calculate your current Functional Wellness Results.

Please remember that it’s not important what your present starting point is... Like most people, you've probably been functioning in this state for quite some time, bringing you to the point where you consider the way you feel to be normal. Living in our demanding, time-urgent ‘survival mode' kind of world, we don’t know what we don’t know.

Dr Kevin will follow up with you by email within 72 hours after completion, and you're always welcome to send any other queries you may have direct to:

Please answer honestly and instinctively throughout Sections 2 - 7, because we're here to help you lead your healthiest, happiest and most terrific life!
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