Teachers Application Form 2018
Welcome to the Tribe of Doris online teachers application for the Summer School 2018. We very much look forward to reading the amazing ideas you all have for workshops. Please be aware that we have a criteria for each Summer School based on avenues we want to explore as well as feedback from our community. We are however, always open to ideas. You can read this criteria here:

Please also be aware of the levels and type of workshops you are offering. We have a breakdown of each level in the Teachers 2018 Artistic Vision. We would like to spend time making sure that we understand and can communicate what you are doing with our community, so please have a careful think about your description, title and format.

Our workshops are generally 90 mins long. Wednesday is a taster day with 45mins for workshops we might not have had before. Thursday through to Saturday are full workshops that happen daily.

We book Teachers in two different ways:
PAID Teacher - This is for experienced teachers who have an excellent reputation for the work that they do. Paid teachers are programmed based on our yearly Teachers Criteria, Artistic Vision and the budget. Paid teacher places are limited. Teacher fees will be discussed on an individual basis.

EXCHANGE Teacher - Our exchange teacher tickets allow talented individuals to come and participate in our amazing Summer School, share their knowledge, develop their teaching practices, introduce themselves into the Doris community or offer us something unusual that we might be interested in but haven’t necessarily got in our criteria priorities. They allow people to come to Doris in exchange for up to 3 workshops, developing their networks and enjoy the Summer School. Whilst there are no fees for exchange teacher tickets we do provide a limited amount of meal vouchers.

BOTH - If you would like to be considered both for paid teachers and exchange teacher roles please choose this in the drop down menu.

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If you are filing this out on behalf of someone please put your contact name in the first section and then their details as the artist. You don't need to put your contact details twice if you are the artist.
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