MTU Praise Report Form
“He is your praise and He is your God, who has done these great and awesome things for you which your eyes have seen." Deut. 10:21
How has the Lord been working on MTU's campus?
**Each person you conversed with applies to one AND ONLY ONE of the three categories below. Please make sure you and your partner DO NOT double count individuals. Thanks!**
# of Initiated Conversations
ex. You invite someone to take a survey, but they decline. Or you converse with someone, but nothing spiritual is discussed.
# of Spiritual Conversations
ex. You go through half or all of the Quest survey. You go through portions of the KGP. You give someone a KGP but do not go through the booklet together.
# of Gospel Conversations
ex. You share the entire Gospel AND invite the person to respond to Jesus.
More Ways to Praise!
# of people who Indicated Decisions to receive Christ
Only record when someone prays WITH YOU to receive Christ. Do NOT record if they say they'll pray later. If you find out FOR SURE that someone later prayed to receive Christ, then record.
# of people who heard the Spirit-Filled Life message
ex. You go through the Satisfied booklet.
# of people who had a Follow-Up Appointment
ex. A 2nd Spiritual conversation with a believer in which you go through follow-up material or follow-up questions. A second conversation with a non-believer is ONLY a Spiritual or Gospel conversation.
Names of people who indicated decisions to receive Christ:
Separate by commas if multiple people indicated decisions. If you saw 3 indicated decisions, please record 3 names.
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Specific Prayer Requests:
Let us know if we as a team can be prayer for the people you meet.
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Please enter you and your sharing partner's initials *
This allows us to more easily detect duplicate submissions due to glitches in the Google form. Thanks!
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