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Students will be using Flipgrid to record and submit videos for the Laurel School Upper Campus and MPCSD Virtual Academy Virtual Talent Show 2021. Flipgrid will allow for videos to be shared throughout the Laurel School and Virtual Academy Community at a predetermined time. Videos will be accessible through a link that will only be shared with the Laurel School Community. Please read through the following information and submit to indicate you’ve read this and allow your child to participate using Flipgrid.

In order to use Flipgrid, some personal information about your child may be collected (email address, name) but this information will be protected as Flipgrid describes in their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Please review Flipgrid’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

Flipgrid Terms of Use: https://legal.flipgrid.com/terms-of-use.html
Flipgrid Privacy Policy: https://legal.flipgrid.com/privacy.html
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