Application for Bergamot Station Vacancy
If your organization is interested in being considered for a space at Bergamot Station Arts Center when one comes open, please complete this letter of interest form. Groups who would like to apply together to share a space are also encouraged to apply. Once submitted, your application will remain in the pool for future vacancies, until further notice. When a vacancy arises, the selection committee will review submissions and score them based on the review criteria. High-ranking applicants will then be invited to make a presentation to the panel and participate in an in-person interview in order to advance as a finalist in the process. If you have any questions, please contact Santa Monica Cultural Affairs at



Tenants will pay a lease rate that is not to exceed $2.36/sq ft. CAM charges will also apply. Lease rates will increase annually at a rate not to exceed the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Two tiers of rental rates will apply: Nonprofits will receive the lowest rate, while for-profit gallery and cultural entities will receive the next lowest rate.


Any entity representing a gallery, arts nonprofit or cultural use (see definitions below) are eligible to submit a letter of interest. Artists and arts collectives are also eligible to apply if they meet the cultural use definition.

Gallery, Nonprofit or Cultural (GNC) entities are defined as:

Gallery: Presenter and vendor of original art
Nonprofit: Arts or heritage-related 501c3 organization
Cultural: For-profit entity that provides artistic or cultural programming to the public; artists or arts collective that provides artistic or cultural programming to the public.


Tenants must meet the following Community Benefit Requirements:

*Tenants will be open and accessible to the public at least 40 hours per week, and at least 48 weeks per year. (Note: because of their programming model, performing arts and presenting nonprofits are exempt from this requirement.)
*Tenants will participate in all Tenant Association Events, which are held quarterly.
*Tenants will participate in at least two campus-wide events per year. Campus-wide events are defined as activities at Bergamot where over 50% of the tenants are participating or events that utilize the common area.
*Tenants will market their Community Benefit events to a broad public audience. If desired, City staff can collaborate with tenants to develop shared marketing tools and strategies.

In addition to the above, at least once per quarter, tenants will provide ONE of the following:
*Arts education activity that serves Santa Monicans and is conducted in partnership with a Santa Monica K-12 school or other local, recognized arts education organization. The activity must adhere to specific, age-appropriate California Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) standards. Tenants must state which VAPA standards are being addressed. (State standards may be found here: In most cases, the arts education entity that you are partnering with should be able to outline the standards that are being met.
*Artist talk that is free, open to the public, and publicized broadly to the Santa Monica community. Artist talks may be connected to a qualifying educational program (see above).
*Donation of space to a nonprofit organization for public events that take place at Bergamot. Any donation of space for an event must adhere to rental terms outlined in the tenant’s lease.
*Artist-in-residence program. Artists must receive a stipend for the residency; Santa Monica artists preferred. (Tenants interested in pursuing this opportunity must consult with Cultural Affairs staff in advance to ensure it meets the intent of the Community Benefits Requirements.)
*Art-making workshop that is free, open to the public, and publicized broadly to the Santa Monica community.
*Art-based pop-up exhibition or event outside of regular programming. Retail-based pop-up events are not eligible. For example, a pop-up acoustical concert would count, but a pop-up sale of art supplies or art books would not. The pop-up must be free, open to the public, and publicized broadly to the Santa Monica community.
*In-kind contribution for activities that occur at Bergamot valued at a minimum of $500.

Tenants will be required to submit quarterly reports on their Community Benefit Requirements to Worthe Real Estate Group.


Artistic Merit (60 points)
The degree to which applicant presents work that is of cultural and/or artistic excellence. Applicant demonstrates presentation of work by professional artists of a high caliber.

Quality of Community Benefits (30 points)
The degree to which applicant provides robust and compelling programming that activates the site while serving the Santa Monica community.

Diversity of Artistic Forms (10 points)
The extent to which the tenant provides a new or enhanced artistic form or discipline to the overall Bergamot Campus.

***PLEASE NOTE: Applicants will be ranked by a review committee comprised of five Arts Commissioners and one Worthe Real Estate Group representative. Once the initial adjudication has been completed, finalists will be invited to interview with the committee. The review committee reserves the right to give preference to previous Bergamot tenants, and can play a curatorial role within the artistic disciplines that are prioritized in order to select applicants that will contribute to the diversity of arts offerings on the entire Bergamot campus. Once selected, the Worthe Real Estate Group will require the finalist to submit a full rental application and successfully complete a financial review before initiating the lease process.***
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