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If you are entering as a team, give the team name, then the name and surname of each member of the team.
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What do you call this entry? Use the same entry title when sending details of your entry via email so we can match the information up.
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e.g. Are you aiming for it to be most useful to other analysis, subject area experts e.g. mining engineers, or is this for a non-technical audience like the general public?
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You can supply details of your entry in the following ways:

1) Upload all the information online and share links in the next question
2) Email your entry to with the subject "In-year spending data competition entry" adding your entry title to the end of the subject
Links to your entry
This could be links to an online video where you walk us through your entry and show it off; your online interactive tool shared publicly, an online folder of files, e.g. on Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive
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