Input from Parents of Virtual Students - CARTER WOODSON MS
Dear CGW Virtual Parents,

Please answer the three questions below so that we can begin planning for next school and the potential of any virtual instruction options next year.
Email address *
What is your student's last name? *
What is your student's first name? *
What is the name of the parent who is completing this survey? *
Who is the student's 1st period teacher?
What is the student's current grade level? *
If we are able to offer the opportunity for every student to be in-person next year (with whatever health strategies are recommended at that time) as well as a virtual option, what do you currently think you would want to choose for your child? *
Which of the following are true about your child's experience with virtual learning this year? *
If you responded that your child does better in a virtual setting than in-person, why is that so?
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