BIPOC Experiences at XCP
We are a group of diverse alum pushing to hold our alma mater, Xavier College Prep, accountable, and part of that is raising awareness about real experiences of exclusion and inequity, giving a platform to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color) voices who have been diminished and discredited, and calling out racism and injustice in all its forms.

Our initial petition gathered 1700+ signatures; 500+ alum from the Class of 1979 to the Class of 2023 have shared their reasons for why they are signing and supporting this call to action. Many of you already have shared your stories and experiences from your time at XCP, which have only made clear that more people need to see, read, and hear these stories - and that many more of you likely have more to share and speak up about.

We invite and humbly ask any BIPOC alum to share your stories, experiences, reflections, only if you feel comfortable, able, and willing to do so. You can remain anonymous, or choose how you would like to be identified. We respect and honor the vulnerability and often pain it takes to reopen many wounds that we've tried to close and somehow heal over the years.

With your permission, we will be sharing your stories to an Instagram and Facebook (@bipocatxcp), as well as to our website, to share this cause and call to action more widely.
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