Go to Girl AMPLIFY - for Speakers who want to Up their Impact
Hi lovely! I'm leading an amazing group of experienced speakers who are wanting to up their impact on stage and on screen. It's an online group mentoring, connections & opportunities to. help you get the gig, rock it and make the most of it!

This is an application only online group (limited to five) with a wrap around focus on helping YOU to get the gig and make the most of it! To hone and your message and grow your business/impact through speaking ( on stages, screen and/or media).

Each month will have a theme to ensure that you are well set up to get the gig and make the most of it.
Here's what we will focus on in an online group setting (The VIP Package offers the same but in 1-1 setting).

Want in? Tell me all about you in the application form below...
If you're right for AMPLIFY, I'd love to help you to UP YOUR IMPACT on the world!

Amplify is a 3 month program giving you connections, mentoring and opportunities!

The investment is 3 months full pay is $1500+gst
(Payment option of $550+gst/month is also available).

*Start date: Feb 2019*

x Natalie, Go to Girl

PS. Only 3 x Amplify VIP spots are available for people wanting MORE: The full 'wrap-around' mentoring to hone your message, bio, branding and gain invaluable opportunities. Natalie will bring in experts in their area to assist you tailored to your individual goals and gaps i.e. mentoring, PR, creation of e-book etc. The Amplify VIP is $5000+gst and can be delivered over 3 months or in a more intensive timeframe. *Indicate interest below.

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Are you interested in taking one of the 3 x Amplify VIP spots for the full 'wrap around' mentoring/PR/branding. The investment is $5000+gst
If you are interested in the VIP, click here to book a call to chat through your application with Nat: https://ncutlerwelsh30mins.youcanbook.me
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Thanks so much! I'll be in touch to see how I can help you to AMPLIFY your message and Up Your Impact! Any other questions or comments? x Go to Girl
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