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8. What is the problem your startup/early-stage business seeks to solve? That is, what is the pain point you are seeking to solve for other people who are or will become your customers? Be as specific as possible. *
9. What is the product or service of your business that will solve this problem? Be as specific as possible. *
10. Who is your ideal customer? What are their characteristics? *
11. If you are already trading, how many customers do you have now? If you currently do not have customers, please answer N/A. *
12. How are you reaching or proposing to reach customers? *
13. What do you expect your revenue to be in 2021-2022? This does not require information about profit, just revenue. *
14. Who are your current team members? Please list their name, role in the business and experience to help grow the business. *
15. What product or service do you want to export? *
16. Which country or countries have you considered reaching into with your product or service? Please list. *
17. What do you believe it will take for you to be able to trade into international markets or export into them? *
18. What have you done so far to demonstrate your interest in trading globally or exporting? *
19. Please tell us why your business is going to be an excellent and globally successful business. Inspire us with your business vision! *
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