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This form serves as final confirmation of attendance at the Joint STAC Sprint #5 + OGC API — Features hackathon November 5–7 as a remote participant ( We are excited to make this sprint the most remote-friendly one yet! We'll be trying out some new ideas, and do feel empowered to suggest better ways of collaborating with other remotes and with people on-site. We will stream as many sessions as we can, and set up communication facilities like chat and video, as well as collaborating directly in the relevant github repos.
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While there will be a handful of sessions that bring everyone together, for the most part the sprint will be split into small groups, aiming for a maximum of 5 people, with the goal of making concrete progress on particular topics. We are going to try to assign these groups beforehand, based on what you express interest in. If more than 6 people are very interested in a particular topic we will likely break it into two groups who can work in parallel on ideas, with periodic interchanges. If the topic you are most interested in is not listed then please add it.
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Intro Tracks
The main goal of the sprint is to make progress on the OGC API + STAC ecosystem (core specs and software), but we love welcoming new community members. So we will likely organize an introductory track, at least on the first day, so those who are new the STAC and/or Features API specifications can get a good overview and ask any questions. The goal is to get new people quickly up to speed so they can hopefully contribute in some way in the next two days. We'll hopefully have some good projects available for newer people, like using existing tools to set up new services, jumping in on minor improvements to existing tools or helping up our outreach with website improvements, tutorials, etc.
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