Placement Test Básico
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Stágio 1: circle the correct answer: a, b or c.
1- How old are you? *
2 points
2- Are you confused? *
2 points
3- Choose the correct sentence: *
2 points
4- Choose the correct sentence: *
2 points
5- Choose the correct direction. *
2 points
6- Choose the best description of a girl. *
2 points
7- My list for the supermarket: *
2 points
8- Choose the option which DOES NOT refer to routine in the present: *
2 points
9- What time is it? *
2 points
10- Choose the correct option: *
2 points
11- Choose the best description: *
2 points
12- Choose the option that best fits each of the sentences below.
I. We don’t usually do much ____ the weekend.
II. I sometimes have a short sleep ___ the afternoon.
III.I go _____ a gym near a house to keep fit.
IV. I listen to English radio ____ an hour or two every night.
V. ____ the week, I work hard.
VI. I go __ a walk with my dog after dinner.
VII. I’m always very relaxed ___ Fridays.
Answer: *
2 points
13- Choose the option that best fits the sentences I, II and III:
I. Studying Maths is ___________________ than studying History.
II. I’m ___________________ this week than last because I’ve got tests.
III- Susan is ______________________ than the other classmates.
Answer: *
2 points
14- Match the column on the left to the column on the right, then choose the best alternative according to the order you think is correct:
I – Cheers!
II - do the washing-up
III - Can you turn it down, please? It’s too hot.
IV -We went sightseeing on the first day.
V - Anything else?

( ) going on holiday
( ) going shopping
( ) vocabulary
( ) asking favours
( ) thanking
Answer: *
2 points
15- Choose the option which has the correct present-past set of verbs: *
2 points
16- Write an-email to your a friend . In your email, you should:
• Thank him/her for a party you went together last Saturday;
• Say what you enjoyed best about it;
• Suggest when you could both meet again.
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