Career Survey, College Tour, and Evaluation
Complete this assignment by August 15 as part of the UB Summer Program 2021
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Complete the Myers-Briggs Career Assessment. Your results will be sent to UB and will be reviewed with you in September.

Please follow these four steps:

1. Click on the following link (or copy and paste into your browser):

2. Complete the brief registration information (or log in if you have previously registered for the Elevate platform).

3. Complete the demographic survey (if applicable).

4. Complete the assessment(s).
I completed the Myers-Briggs Career Assessment *
Virtual College Tour - Glenville State College
We will be touring (yes, IN PERSON!) Glenville State College for our Challenge Session on October 16. Familiarize yourself with the school before we tour.

Go too and answer the following questions.
Click on "About Us." Approximately how many students are enrolled at GSC? *
What is the average class size? *
Click on "Academics." Are there any baccalaureate (4-year) degrees offered that you're interested in? *
Scroll down to Online Degrees. What baccalaureate degrees does Glenville offer online? *
Click on "Departments" under Academics. Choose one academic department to learn more about. Write a few things you learned about this program or dept. *
Click on "Admissions" and then "Requirements." What standardized test score is required if you don't have a 3.0 GPA? *
What high school courses are required to be admitted to GSC? *
Click on "Financial Aid." How much does GSC cost per year for a WV resident? Costs shown are per semester. *
Click on "Available Aid" and learn more about scholarships, grants, loans, and work opportunities at GSC. How is eligibility established for grants, loans, and work-study? *
Click on "Student Life" and then Residence Life." Tour both dorms and discuss which one you would prefer to live in and why. *
Glenville offers a valuable program called Student Support Services. Visit their page at and answer the following questions.
What is Student Support Services (SSS)? *
SSS is a TRIO program just like Upward Bound. Our students are eligible to be a part of it. What are some helpful services they can offer to you in college? *
Choose any other aspect of the GSC to look further into online (athletics, dining services, organizations, health center, etc.). Write about what you chose to research further. *
2021-2022 ACT and SAT dates
I'm Ready ACT Class (with Dr. Moudry) Schedule for Fall
UB encourages you to take either or both test as many times as possible to increase your chance of getting scholarships. UB staff or your school counselor can give you a fee waiver for the tests (just contact us as soon as you want to sign up). Do not pay for them! When do you plan to take your ACT or SAT this year? Are you interested in Dr. Moudry's ACT prep class? *
Summer 2021 Evaluation
Give us your thoughts on our 2021 Summer Program
What did you learn in Financial Literacy with K.T. Bright? *
What did you learn in Math with Dr. Moudry? *
What did you learn in Science with Dr. Moudry? *
What did you learn in German with Dr. Evans? *
What did you learn in English with Mr. Suder? *
What presentations/activities were most beneficial or engaging for you and why? (Mental Fitness with Dr. Sam Klugman, Self Esteem with Tyler Collie, NCAA with Mandi Larkin, Murder at the Art Museum, Destination Unknown, Painting with Friends, NYC Scavenger Hunt, Weight Training) *
Go to and search for software developer jobs in your area or "remote" (meaning you can work completely from home). What are some of the salaries you see? After participating in the Robotics class, is coding/computer science something you might want to consider for the future? *
Looking forward to having all of you with us in person on September 11! We'll have chocolate cake to celebrate!
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