Susana Mohel's Review Team
Thanks for your interest in being on Susana Mohel's review team! Being part of this team means that you will receive advance copies of her books within 10 days of release. In exchange for this copy, you must post an *honest* review on Amazon and Goodreads. There are limited spots available!


Reviews are required to be post it to Amazon within 2-3 days of release day and on Goodreads within the same time frame.

Must share some promotional posts, we are going to provide teasers and premade post in the FB group..

If a reviewer can’t read the book or have the review ready for the release day is important to contact Susana ( or Michelle (, so we can know. You have the option to pass on an ARC, but if you pass on two consecutive ARCs, you will no longer be in the team.

A form for review links will be post in the group for each release. You must uploaded all the links. If you dont uploaded the links for two books, you will not longer be in the team.

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