B6. 喫茶時間-亞洲巡演教戰手冊1.0:中國篇(有問必答) / Tea time- Asian Tour Manual 1.0- China
地點: B.B.ART (台南市中西區民權路二段48號)
日期:11月12日 週日
入場方式: 需報名,現場付費 50元整( 三日聯票手環及單日票卷免費入場)

B6 喫茶時間-亞洲巡演教戰手冊1.0:中國篇(有問必答)
中國是一個台灣樂團最熟悉卻又最陌生,最想前進卻又舉足不前的一個大市場。我們邀請了中國第一個搖滾音樂節-迷笛音樂節和迷笛音樂學校的國際關係總監于陽,和擁有豐富宣傳經驗的Split Works的樊烨用他們的實戰經驗來幫助你分析解析前進中國現場市場的do's and don'ts.
引言人: 陳弘樹 (Street Voice 音樂總監)
主講人: 于陽 (迷笛音樂節 國際事務總監)
樊烨 (開功/ Split Works 公關經理)

Location: B.B.ART (No. 48, Section 2, Minquan Road, West Central District, Tainan City, 70050)
DATE: 11.12 (SUN)
TIME: 13:30-14:30
Entrance: NTD 50, registration required (free entrance with 3 day-pass or 1 day pass on 11.12)

China is a vast market which Taiwanese bands are familiar yet also distant from; a market they want to enter but not without trepidation. We invite Yu Yang, the international-relations director of Midi School of Music and the first Rock Music Festival in China—Midi Festival, and Samantha Fan from Split Works to share their experience in helping you evaluate the do’s and don’ts of entering China’s live music market.
mediator: Tree Chen (Street Voice- Music Director)
Tea host: Yu Yang- Midi festival (China)
Samantha Fan- Split Works (China)
*Major language is CHINESE, but you may ask questions in English.

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