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The purpose of this survey is to get some feedback from you as to what would be most useful in training workshops, courses or information sessions targeted to educators or guidance staff who feel under-prepared to provide quality career information to intermediate and secondary students. You may have unwillingly inherited a Career Studies course for an upcoming term, or you may be working with a student who has expressed interest in a pathway or career of which you have little to no knowledge, or perhaps your situation is something else entirely.

The goal is to provide you with tools and information that will help you better support your students, have educated conversations with parents and to remove some of the confusion and chaos around career and education planning.
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For which of these topics do you feel you could give competent support or advice to a student or parent? (select all that apply) *
About which topic(s) would you like to learn more? (select all that apply) *
Would you attend a PA day session on these topics? *
Would you take a self-paced online course on these topics? *
Does your school offer parent-targeted information on career planning? *
Do you think parent-targeted information would be useful? Why or why not? *
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If parent-targeted information were to be available, what sort of delivery format do you think would work best? (Pamphlet/brochure, website(s), in-person seminar, online seminar, other) *
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Where do you currently find career-related information for your students? *
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Are your current career-related materials impactful to students? Why or why not? *
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If you had to teach Grade 10 Career Studies tomorrow, would you feel prepared to do your best work? *
If you had to teach Grade 10 Career Studies tomorrow, do you think the students would have positive outcomes? Why or why not? *
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If you could change one thing about the guidance and career curriculum, what would it be? *
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If you could feel 100% more confident in any career-related topic, what would it be? *
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