Generation Atlanta Customer Service program
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This form will take ~15 minutes to complete. Please fill out all required information before submitting your application. If you have any questions during the process email or call (404) 326-5802.
About Generation Atlanta
Generation is closing the skills gap for young adults, which leaves 75 million unemployed and three times as many underemployed around the world. Generation’s occupational training integrates technical knowledge with personal and professional skills necessary to thrive in the targeted profession (such as customer service, professionalism, personal responsibility).

Generation Atlanta has multiple 6-week courses, hosted at The Center for Working Families, the City of Atlanta Public Defender's Office, and Hearts to Nourish Hope in Clayton County. In these 6 weeks Generation prepares participants to excel and quickly advance in careers in retail, hospitality, call centers, and restaurants. Participants are paid a stipend of $150/wk during the program, and are guaranteed interviews with our employer partners upon graduation. 90% of our graduates are employed within 30 days of the program.

To apply you must be 18 - 29, with a high school diploma or GED; be a US Citizen or legally authorized to work in the US; pass a drug test and background check, and pass a basic reading and math test.

Once you complete this application, you will be contacted for an interview in the following weeks. For any questions, please contact

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You must be a US citizen or be legally authorized to work in the US to be accepted into this program
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