Psi Chi Application for Full Members
This application is for second semester sophomore, junior, and senior standing members who would like to apply to be a full member. This is a pre-application. Once this application is approved you will complete registration through Psi Chi International and pay a one time membership fee of $55 in addition to the bi-annual chapter dues of $5. In order to apply for membership, you must be a psychology major or minor. You should have at least a cumulative 3.0 GPA in your college courses. You should also have at least 9 credit hours in psychology courses completed. The Executive Board will notify you of your acceptance. The Nu of Ohio Chapter is excited to welcome you in the fall!

Applications are due NO LATER than October 28th, 2020.
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If your GPA is not at least 3.0, please explain briefly here. This does not automatically disqualify you from membership. *
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