FUSP RE Registration 2018
Please fill out this form for each child who will be participating in our RE program.
Parent/Guardian 1 name and address
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Parent/Guardian 1 phone
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Parent/Guardian 1 e-mail
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Parent/guardian 2 name and address (if different from above)
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Parent/guardian 2 phone
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Parent/guardian 2 e-maiil
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Preferred communication (check all that apply)
check the boxes of the phone/e-mail where you wish to receive regular communication from the FUSP RE program
Name of Child
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If this child attends school, grade entering school fall 2018
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Program(s) you are registering this child for
If registering for a trimester course, be sure to select all the trimesters you would like your child to attend. K-1 OWL will be in the winter trimester.
Allergies, medical conditions or learning issues you would like us to be aware of:
You can also discuss any special needs or other accommodations with the Director of Religious Education. We strive to create a learning environment that is safe and comfortable for all particpants.
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Family Volunteer Form
We rely on volunteers to keep our program running. Please check off any volunteer opportunities you are interested in.
Anything else you wish to share?
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Photo Release *
I hereby grant permission to the first Unitarian Society of Plainfield (FUSP), New Jersey, to use images of my child, captured during regular and special activities through video, film/digital camera or other means, and waive any rights of ownership or compensation thereto. I acknowledge FUSP's right to crop or treat the images at its discretion, including discontinuance of use without notice. I also acknowledge that FUSP may choose not to use the images at this time, but may do so at a later date. If I give permission below for FUSP to post my child's image on the FUSP website, I understand that it could be downloaded by any computer user accessing that website. In all cases, FUSP will not associate a child's name or other personal identifying information to any image used in such manner.
Parent/Guardian Signature *
Therefore, I hereby release the First Unitarian Society of Plainfield and its Trustees, Officers, employees, agents, legal representatives and assigns from any and all claims, actions and liability relating to its use of said images. Typing my name and date in the box below serves as my electronic signature.
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