Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener Survey 2019
This an anonymous survey to help The Wisconsin vegetable Gardener be a better program to reach and teach more people
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How likely are you to use the advice and suggestions that the The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener provides for your own garden? *
What type of gardener do you consider yourself? *
If The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener had a mobile app would you download it *
Did you know The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener in 2019 has a garden talk radio show in Milwaukee, WI, Philadelphia, PA, SE Michigan and Banning, CA? *
Would you recommend to a fellow Gardener, friend or family member to watch or listen to The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener? *
If you have a garden question how would you most likely ask it to The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener? *
Have you listened to The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener radio show before? *
If you were to call The Wisconsin Vegetable gardener radio show with a question would you be more likely to call if you were calling a 1-800 number or a local number area code? *
Are you more likely to listen to The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener radio by *
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