"Carols Pack" Registration Form
The Carols Pack is a collection of free creative gospel resources created by Simon Camilleri - author of "When Santa Learned the Gospel".

These resources are primarily designed to be used by churches wanting to incorporate the book and its gospel message into their carols event or Christmas service, where the book will also be given away for free to those that attend.

Primary Contact Details
One person needs to be assigned as the "Primary Contact". They would most likely be the person who is primarily responsible for coordinating the event, or someone who might be assisting them. All contact about the "Christmas Carols Pack" will go through this person.

Note: If necessary, the "Primary Contact" can change at a later date.

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The Event Details
We would love to hear about your event. Feel free to fill in as much or a little as you like below.
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Thank you!
Thank you for joining with so many other churches to use "When Santa Learned the Gospel" and the Christmas Carols Pack to share the gospel in your community! We look forward to seeing what God will do through your ministry!

Once you submit this form, we will be in touch with you to guide you through the process of ordering books and accessing the resources as soon as they become available.

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