Garden Launch website (for children)
Hello everyone filling out this form. I am currently working on a website for children about gardening. I need to get some feedback from students in order to see any improvements and to see what is working well. Your feedback will be much appreciated! 😀

My website is also really responsive and looks great on a mobile phone, so please if you can check it out on mobile also. If you are already viewing this on a mobile phone then that is great!

Remember my website is still in a progress, so give me some slack with the grammar and spelling thanks. 😄

Here are the links to three sites of my website.

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What nav-bar (navigation) design do like better. The black colour design on my first two links (sites), or the green colour design on the last link (last site)? *
What do you think about the layout of my website. Do you think kids will like to learn in a layout environment like this? *
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Do you like the colours and graphics (drawings) of the website. Do you think this sets a fun learning environment to learn about gardening? *
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How well does the graphics and colours of the website set up a fun learning environment?
I don't want to learn at all.
I feel inspired and motivated to learn.
What are your thoughts about the content being separated into different coloured boxes? *
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Do you think that seperating the content into different coloured boxes makes it easy to focus on what your learning, rather than long paragraphs? *
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If you have viewed the sites on a mobile phone or iPad/tablet how would you rate the responsiveness and flow of this website?
It doesn't work looks terrible
It looks brillant and has a great flow to it.
Any improvements needed to my website? *
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What did you like about my website (sites)? *
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How would you rate your experience viewing my websites? *
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