D2 F1A-Contestant & Parents Contact Form-2020 MAP
2020 Miss Arkansas Contestant & Parents Contact Form : You need to complete and submit this GForm following your crowning. A receipt acknowledgement will appear on your computer screen when you submit the form and it uploads. YOU WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO EDIT THIS FORM BEFORE MISS ARKANSAS. Complete all required areas. Enter N/A for any question that does not apply.

Guidelines to complete the Contestant & Parents Contact Form-2020-MAP:
** Miss Arkansas will use this info EXACTLY as you submitted/TYPE your form and the data is not retyped.**
1) tab between fields or point and click; If a required field is not entered, you will receive an automatic prompt.
2) This is an gForm that uploads what your enter. EXACTLY AS YOU ENTER THE DATA.
3) If you submit something you wish to edit you may re-submit the form. I will update to the latest form submitted. I see the date on the back side.
4) If you make errors they will appear on the uploaded form unless you correct.
5) Be careful to enter data you know is correct.
6) If any contact information changes, please notify Director of Communications immediately.
7) Type the dash in your phone number example xxx-xxx-xxxx
8) Use AR as you home state or the two letter abbreviation of your home state example MO, MS, OK etc.
If you have any questions, please e-mail: cjwilson1852@gmail.com or txt 870-897-9997 You can always call or txt too.
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