A typo in Your Turn...

I already found a few (p 16 and p 155, both will be fixed in the next print run, as well as pages 147, 32 (three of them!), 104, 148, 94, and 112). If you find one, please let me know using this form. PS if you're the first to find one that we missed, we'll send you an autographed copy of the book as a thank you. I appreciate your help!

PS thanks to my eagle-eyed readers, here are some more we've found, some gaping holes, some quite small, but all will be fixed in the next printing:
page 35, missing period
page 65, extra space
page 83, word choice
page 85, extra word, “up”
page 112, last sentence extra word
page 114, terrible sentence structure
page 131, missing word
page 141, “Sysco”
page 154, word swap
page 157, ”definitely”

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