RSO Volunteer Sign Up - Bronco Bash 2018
Bronco Bash is one of the largest events held on campus each year. Roughly 450 booths reach an average of 20,000 people each year from the Kalamazoo community.

This event requires lots of time, commitment, and volunteers to be successful each year. We are asking that your RSO (Registered Student Organization) complete this application to volunteer in this great event! Monetary compensation for each group is listed later in the application. The DEADLINE to submit the Group Volunteer Application will be August 6th. If your application is accepted you will be notified via email by August 13th.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Shayla Watson at

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Working 2 shifts will result in your RSO receiving payment for 2 shifts. Even if you select "Both" for the question below, your RSO may or may not be asked and contracted to work 2 shifts. Detailed descriptions of what these volunteer positions, can be found here:
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Please indicate how many members of your RSO will be volunteering at the time(s) chosen above. Depending on the number of volunteers, a different amount of compensation will be provided. The compensation structure is listed below:
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