2016/17 Weekend Warrior Series Registration
Register for a summer of awesomeness by completing this form. All registrations must be received before 9am on the first day of the first round you are competing in. Only one registration for the series is required.
Pilot Name *
Pilot Email Address *
Pilot Mobile Number *
HGFA Number *
Emergency Contact Person *
Emergency Contact Number *
Satellite Tracker ID
If you carry a Spot or a Delorme please complete this section. Please enter your shared page ID. For Spot, you need to enter the number after the = in your shared page. Eg, if your shared page is http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0eYocnUkybeyH4Xjq1uJecYh5JNRYBkIh, then your Spot ID is 0eYocnUkybeyH4Xjq1uJecYh5JNRYBkIh. For Delorme, enter the characters after .com/. Eg if your shared page is https://share.delorme.com/John then your Delorme ID is John
Wing - Make & Model *
eg Ozone Rush 4
Wing Aspect Ratio
Wing Aspect Ratio will be used to allocate classes this year. Check your manufacturer website if you don't know what it is. Will be listed as Flat Aspect Ratio or Aspect Ratio. If it also lists Projected Aspect Ratio, it is NOT that. If you can't work it out, leave it blank and make sure you have listed your Wing make and model accurately.
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