Post Event Attendee Survey
We would love your feedback on how VTHacks 8 went from your own perspective. Each year, we rely on the feedback from hackers such as yourself to keep improving.
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Which workshops or mini events did you participate? *
Please let us know which workshops you enjoyed (we should definitely run them again next year) as well as any workshops you didn't enjoy (why not? How can we fix that!)
What are some other topics you'd like to see covered at VTHacks?
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How easily were you able to navigate the Discord? *
it was difficult and non-intuitive
I had no difficulty
How was our communication at the event? *
Too many notifications / I did not know what was going on
Appropriate use of @Hacker, I felt well informed
How was the branding at the event *
It did not contribute to my experience
I loved the theme!
How was your experience working with mentors at VTHacks 8? *
Were you able to find team members through Discord? *
How was the digital judging process? We understand that nothing compares to in-person demos :( *
Submission rules were unclear and I felt lost
Expectations for project submissions were clear
Please share anything else you'd like us to record here :-)
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