Application to US Chess School 53 (Dates April 9-12)
Use this form to apply for the 53nd U.S. Chess School. IM Alex Ostrovskiy, will be the head coach.

The minimum rating to apply is 2000 for boys and 1900 for girls. However we expect the camp level to be higher rated than this depending on the strength of the applicants. Most likely everyone will be above 2100, if not 2200-2300.

We will not decide the entire list of campers until sometime in February, so it is possible you won't receive a reply from us for a few months.

This camp is free of cost for all students, and will be held in New York City. The exact location of the camp is not yet determined.
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Feel free to provide any extra information that will help us make our decision. For example you can talk about national titles, study habits, any other accomplishments or reasons that you or your child would be a great camper!
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