Notice of Candidacy - National Convention Delegate or Alternate
2020 Democratic National Convention - Milwaukee - July 13-16

Be sure to check your voter registration first - you'll need to know your precinct and congressional district to complete this form!

NOTE: If you have previously submitted a Notice of Candidacy and wish to amend that filing it is not necessary to complete the form a second time - please just email any changes to Julia Lee at Thank you!
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By entering my initials below, I pledge, if elected as a delegate or alternate, to attend the mandatory meeting of the North Carolina Delegation to be held immediately following the adjournment of the State Convention on June 6, 2020, and affirm I am Democrat registered in the precinct, county, and congressional district indicated.
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Should any presidential candidate not have enough delegate candidates for their allocated delegate slots, the Affirmative Action Committee will choose candidates for those slots.
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