TUO TUO Residency Application  
All submissions taken on a rolling basis from May – December 2022. If you're interested in a residency at later date, feel free to email us directly tuotuoarts@gmail.com
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The following questions do not affect eligibility; they are designed to support us in providing optimal conditions and ample resources for every resident.
Based on my practice/ plans, I would be interested in using the space below as my primary work space during my time in residence. *Please note that we can not always accommodate preferences. *
Based on my practice/ plans, it would not be possible to share my desired work space with another artist. *
Silence is critical to my process. *
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I hope to experience a social environment during my stay. *
No thanks, I require solitude
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Sustainable living practices are important to me. *
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I am impartial
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Organizing the residency according to season allows us to tailor our services and offerings to residents and the wider community. Considerations include: growth cycles, weather, light, our community’s social habits, and personal energy cycles.
Summer: May-July * Autumn: Aug-Oct * Winter: Nov-Jan * Spring: Feb-April
Are you aware of and compliant with the program fee + 100€  refundable security deposit associated with acceptance? *
Have you sent your CV. links, relevant documents to tuotuoarts@gmail.com? (Subject Line: APPLICATION MATERIALS - FIRST & LAST NAME) *
Anything else we should know? (From allergies to pronouns; possible guests to specific resources needed, language preferences, or potential caveats.) This section does not affect your eligibility.
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